Kimberly-Pereira-Psychotherapy-Coaching-OakvilleMy Unique Approach to Transformation.

Find the most effective, the most efficient and the least painful way to create an optimal life. I believe you already have the wisdom within you to do it.

Your unconscious mind holds all the keys to the roots of your success and well-being, as well as your pain, your blocks that keep you stuck, and how to remove them.

Accessing the information within the unconscious mind has been my quest and my passion.

In order to do that, I believe you have to be seen, heard, and known, for who you truly are.

What I consistently hear from clients and colleagues is that I’m not like other professionals.
– I don’t have an agenda (although – I really do and it’s to get you past your limitations!);
– I have a gift for listening to the things that are not spoken in words;
– I have a knack for seeing patterns and getting underneath them to the root of the issue (which are the skills and language of the unconscious mind)
– And I do it all with fun, empathy and honest objective feedback

A Discovery Session is where it starts, then we can assess which program is the best fit.

ActivatedTM Coaching

This form of coaching is most effective when:

  • You are done, and I mean DONE with your pain
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim your self, your health, your mind, your being, your family and whatever else the pain cost you.
  • You’ve learned you contribute to creating your life and are ready to create what you want.


    It is most effective for:

  • Speaking out loud the things you have inside that you haven’t been able to say, for whatever reason.
  • Finding your voice and using it, to be seen, heard and known for who you truly are.
  • Unearthing and making sense of the past by talking about the present.
    You are not broken, you just haven’t learned what you’re made of 😉

    You know this is what you need, stop putting it off!
    Make the choice to connect with me so you can Activate Your Brilliant Life, Now.

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