Quantum Activation Coaching


Imagine removing all the gunk in your mind and heart from your past…

Can you grasp what that would feel like?

To hear the calm in your head when all that is gone?

And even better, to now see your self as you have always wanted to feel, and hear the words of excited encouragement in your own head?

What would that be worth to you, to your kids, to your family, to your contribution to making the world a better place?

It’s priceless, isn’t it!! It’s everything.

And yet, that is exactly what happens during Quantum Activation CoachingTM!

The things that held you back, your, thoughts, habits, feelings, are the very things that are contained in the unconscious mind. And as much as you try to make conscious decisions to do life better, you end up falling short. You get frustrated that you can’t change your behaviours, or be who you want to be, or do what you want to do.

That’s because you can’t change the unconscious mind consciously, you have to literally go into the unconscious mind, to make unconscious change, that aligns with your new conscious decisions.

Through experiencing Quantum Activation CoachingTM you will:

  • Reconnect to yourself as a whole being, rather than a series of different hats in different boxes.
  • Reclaim Your Self
  • Be guided through several integrated unconscious mind focused techniques and modalities to clear out the unconscious clutter you no longer want or need
  • Instill the new ways of being you have been dreaming about

    And the experience is so fast, so relaxing and so cutting edge that modern quantum science is only now able to explain how it works.

    The Quantum Activation CoachingTM programs are customized experiences that get at the root of what you think your problem is, pulls it out and plants new seedlings to live your best life and Activate Your Brilliance. You are ready.


    This method of coaching is ideal for you because you want to…

  • Resolve a significant hurt or event from the past
  • Eliminate a fear that’s been holding you back
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Trust Your Self
  • Increase your confidence or sense of empowerment
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Increase your intuition and communication skills
  • You get the results you want in the time you want. It’s all up to you.

    Make the Decision, Commit to the Process, and Take Action Towards Your Goals!

    Rediscover your Self & create a life you love!

    Quantum Activation CoachingTM Programs Designed to
    Activate Your Brilliance

    Quantum Activation ProcessTM

    You are ready to put yourself on the list.
    To matter.
    To actually be seen and heard.

    You are ready to step out of the shadows and into your brilliance. So let’s do it quickly, without having to relive or re-experience the pain of the past. Let’s find out what you need to get to where you want to go and get you there.

    This customized, personal coaching program empowers you to

  • Remove unconscious blocks and barriers that are holding you back
  • Free your self from the things in your past you didn’t even realize were there
  • Identify and change your patterns and imprinting at the quantum level for rapid results
  • Embrace you and your brilliant self, now!

    You’ve put yourself aside long enough. It’s time to Activate your Brilliance!

  • Release the Past,

    The Past is Past…

    So why are you reliving the movie in your mind everyday? No matter what you try?

    You are embarrassed to even tell anyone how often you still think about what happened.

    You know it’s time but don’t know how to let go.

    Whether it was a person, an event, or a situation that went wrong, it had a huge impact on you and your life and you are ready to be free it. Free of the constant thoughts you don’t want to think and the feelings you don’t want to feel.

    Join me to release your past in this transformative weekend experience!

  • Learn what you needed to learn from the past
  • Express the feelings you have been holding
  • 1 powerful weekend of letting go
  • Action steps to ensure you get the most of your experience now and moving forward
  • Activate You,
    The Goddess

    You’ve been trying to do it on your own, be the strong one, the super woman.

    You become whomever you need to be to help the ones you love. You do whatever others need you to do so they can move forward.

    And at the end of the day, you’re exhausted, irritated, and wonder why no one sees you for you?

    If this is how you’re doing life, you have likely burned out, become ill, or worse lost your self.

    Don’t you think it’s time to do things differently?

    This is the way out of all that. This is the way to transform yourself and your life, to help your famil and to move towards the balanced happiness you so desire.

    You are invited to Activate You. This transformative 6 month women’s empowerment program begins January 2018!

  • Learn from the past and let it go for good
  • Jan-June 2018, Group Coaching: 6 live sessions, 6 virtual sessions, materials, and of course transformation!
  • Action steps to ensure you get the most of your experience now and moving forward!
  • Introductory consult
  • Call to Register for Your Quantum Activation Experience today!

    Next Steps

    If you are ready to take the next step send me an email, or phone me directly to set up an initial session at (905) 580-3333

    Phone consultations are available on request for approx. 15 minutes. The purpose of a phone consult is for you to ask any questions you may have about my approach, or what happens in therapy. It gives you a chance to determine if I am a fit for you and your needs.

    Talk with you soon!