Activation Coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy


Okay, so counselling or psychotherapy isn’t your thing. You get what’s going on with you, what’s holding you back, and the habits or ways of being that are blocking you and you want it to change.

Maybe you want to:

  • Resolve a significant hurt or event from the past
  • Eliminate a fear that’s been holding you back
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Trust Your Self Again
  • Increase your confidence or sense of empowerment
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Increase your intuition and communication skills
Oh and you want it done, Yesterday!

Perfect, you are ready to jump into the coaching process to get to your next level fast.

Or perhaps you have done some counselling or psychotherapy before and maybe it helped a little, but you still have this… thing?…issue?….Ah! Problem!

You’re not sure what else you can do and you feel like you’re doing everything right, but something is still holding you back! You’re still not doing the things you want to do, or being the person you want to be, or having the things you want to have.
What gives?!

“Coaching means concentrating on your self and your goals for 3-6 months, to create a ripple of positive choice and change that will impact the rest of your life.”

How My Coaching Programs Work

1)   You want to make changes in your life quickly
2)   Your unconscious mind is the root of all learning, behaviour and change
3)   NLP, Time Line TherapyTM & Hypnotherapy are tools that work with your unconscious mind
4)   These are the techniques and skills I use in the coaching programs
No brainer… Book Your Session with Me to get to the life you want!
Remove blocks from your past, free yourself from your own self- defeating habits and launch your brilliance into high octane activation.  You get the results you want in the time you want. It’s all up to you.
Make the Decision, Commit to the Process, and Take Action Towards Your Goals!

A Coaching Program Designed for You

There are some different programs to choose from depending on where you are at and how quickly you want to activate your brilliance. Schedule an assessment session so we can choose the best program for your needs and begin customizing it.

In some cases psychotherapy may be the first approach to ensure you are ready for the coaching process.

Coaching-Kimberly-PereiraYes, coaching and psychotherapy are very different processes:

Psychotherapy will give you the opportunity to unearth what you can be conscious of with respect to thoughts, emotions and sensations. The goal is to dive deep into those experiences so you can make some meaning out of your past and gain some insight as to the patterns you carry forward to the future.

Activation Coaching is designed to take what you have become conscious of and remove the unconscious anchors holding old patterns in place so that through choice and specific and direct actions sustainable change can be made.

3 Coaching Programs to get you closer to connecting to your brilliant being

Break Through to Brilliance

You are ready to put yourself on the list. To matter. To actually be seen and heard. You are ready to step out of the shadows and into your brilliance. So let’s do it quickly, without having to relive or re-experience the pain of the past. Let’s find out what you need to get to where you want to go and get you there.
This customized, personal coaching program empowers you to break through those blocks and barriers that are holding you back, to free you from the things in your past you didn’t even realize were there, and to embrace you and your brilliant self, now!
You’ve put yourself aside long enough. Time to Break Through!

Releasing Past

The Relationship is Over…
But they are always on your mind, no matter what you try.
You are embarrassed to even tell anyone how often you still think about them.
You know it’s time but don’t know how to let go.
Whether it was a lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse this person had a huge impact on you and your life and you are ready to be free of the constant thoughts you don’t want to think and the feelings you don’t want to feel.
Join me and release the past in this transformative Group Coaching Program!
• Coaching program = no need to relive the past
• 5 weeks, 2 hour sessions each, incl. 1 individual session
• Action steps to ensure you get the most of your experience now and moving forward

Repair Parent

Does the thought of one of your parents always seem to get you going?
Do you somehow get sucked in to whatever story your parent tells?
Wouldn’t it be great to think of your parent without all the drama from the past?
Now is your opportunity to transform your relationship with your mother or father!
It doesn’t matter your age, or theirs. Repair the hurts of the past and move forward with perspective that makes sense to you.
You are invited to release the pain of the past on this journey to emotional freedom!
• Group Coaching program = no need to relive the past
• 5 weeks, 2 hour sessions each, incl. 1 individual session
• Action steps to ensure you get the most of your experience now and moving forward

The sooner you make the choice, the sooner you live the change.

Next Steps

If you are ready to take the next step send me an email, or phone me directly to set up an initial session at (905) 580-3333

Phone consultations are available on request for approx. 15 minutes. The purpose of a phone consult is for you to ask any questions you may have about my approach, or what happens in therapy. It gives you a chance to determine if I am a fit for you and your needs.

Talk with you soon!